A Sense of Pleasure's Snow Cloud

GB SH Ch & Ch Lux

Secret Moment at Alkhamhurst


Carpenny Made A Million  

CIB & GB Sh- Ch & Ch NL & LUX & Ger & PL 

Carpenny Made The Trip 

Lembas To The Moon And Back
Carpenny Rustina

GB SH CH & Sw- Ch & Norw- Ch

Mambrinos Spellbound At Carpenny 

Carpenny Walpole

Mambrinos Lemony

Carpenny Spinning Wheel 

Rockledge Wordsmith of Carpenny

Carpenny Walpole

Rockledge Bramble


Carpenny Whist

Hawksmoors Webster

Carpenny Rustina

CIB & Dt Ch ( VDH & LCD ) & CH- NL

Ch- LUX & Dt Jch ( VDH & LCD )


Waterline's Selleria 

Waterline's Le Petit

CIB & Ch - NL & Lux

Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods 

Palabras Blue Bayo

Hirsipirtin Xedos
Waterline's Rosalie Mallorn's Aint Mizbehavin

Waterline's Thea

Follies Maryland


Show Labrador of the Year 2012 Fin LRC

Biss Am- Ch 

Lubberline Martingale 

Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear
Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib
Tweedledum Follies Bergerer Follies Storm Petrel

Tweedledum Curtain Call